Audio Books

I gave myself several reading challenges in 2015. One was to read a graphic novel. I read Fun Home which I really did not enjoy. I may try another one in 2016 before I give up on the genre.

Another challenge was to try out audio books. My commute increased in 2015 so I had more time to listen to music, podcasts, etc. It seemed like an audio book was the next logical choice. I am now an addict!  On a typical workday I listen to one of my favorite podcasts (Books on the Nightstand, The Readers, NPR’s Fresh Air and of course Serial) on the commute into work and I listen to a book on my drive home. I bought myself some wireless headphones and now I listen to audio books when I am doing housework, walking my dog or any other time I can.

I tend to choose ‘lighter’ reading for my audio book selections. Some of my favorites are Lisa Scottoline, Elin Hilderbrand and Lisa Lutz. I am currently reading the 6th book in the Spellman series – The Next Generation. I just started so I can’t give much feedback on it yet.

The favorite book that I listened to in 2015 was Elizabeth Gilbert’s A Signature of All Things. I was not an Eat, Pray, Love fan but I really liked this new book. Historic fiction is one of my favorite genres (when it is well written). This book combined my love of historic fiction with my educational background in Biology. I think this was the first book I have read with a Botanist as the main protagonist! BTW – The podcast from the New York Public Library with Elizabeth Gilbert and Ann Patchett was one of my favorite podcasts of the year. I highly recommend it. (Ann Patchett is one of my favorite authors to I am sure I will be writing about her soon.)

Audio Books

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